More Than What Meets The Eye

Not seeing what you need? We have hundreds of hours of MORE material than what is available on our website. Complete a Footage Request (See below) and tell us what you're searching for. We’ll let you know what we have on your desired subject.

Customize Your Own Collection

Need a lot of footage? Customize your own collection! You can order any subject-specific collection.

If we have your requested material in-house, we'll compile a custom collection of up to 10 minutes of newsreels and footage related to your subject 10 minutes of footage related to your subject for $450 or 10-20 minutes for $650. Once your order is complete, we’ll send you a custom download link.

If you need more, call for a quote. You can also order by newsreel or individual shot. Newsreels are $150 each and range from 20 seconds to several minutes. Individual shots are $20 per second with a 10 second minimum order.

To inquire about a custom compilation, complete a Footage Request and tell us what you're searching for. To place an order and pay by credit card, please call 301-471-8058. You can also pay with Paypal or a credit card using the Paypal link below. Please call to discuss your project in advance.

Search the National Archives

If you need footage that we don't have in-house, you can commission Easy Street Productions, LLC to conduct research on your behalf at the National Archives in Washington D.C.

You provide us with as many details as possible and we'll research the subject, determine if the footage exists and acquire the footage you desire. If you are interested in a National Archives search, please complete a Footage Request or call us.